A . S . T . R . E

Special Rules - COVID-19 Response

--- Posted April 23, 2021 ---

Due to the COVID-19 situation, 
  ASTRE is instituting the following measures 
   to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus at launches.
These rules will remain in effect until further notice.

Rocket launches are an outdoor activity, spread over a large physical area.  
Our launches are relatively lightly-attended, 
 so the social density and chance of virus transmission is relatively low.  

That said, we are adding these requirements.

* The launches will be limited to ASTRE club members and their guests.  
   If you wish to be considered a guest, please contact Jeff Vincent at jeff_vincent@twc.com.  
   We will be keeping a record of the name and contact information of participants 
   in case it becomes necessary to contact you.

* We have a large area for parking and participants are expected to park at least 50 feet 
   from the rangehead and at a safe distance from other participants.

* There will be a limit of ten (10) participants in the immediate area of the rangehead 
   (defined as within 50 feet of the range perimeter flags.)  
   Participants are expected to prep their models at their cars 
   only entering the rangehead area for safety check and pad assignment
   and to place their model on the launcher.  
   Spectators should not enter the rangehead area.

* All participants are expected to practice social distancing and/or wearing a facial mask 
  (covering the nose and mouth) as necessary.

* Range personnel will handle any paperwork (not the participants.)

* Hand sanitizer will be provided at the rangehead for the use of participants.

* If anyone is feeling ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19, 
   please stay home and do not attend the launch.  
   There will always be another launch to fly your models.

* We are making these efforts to make the launch as safe as possible for everyone.
   Ultimately, your safety is your responsability.  
   Please act accordingly.