ASTRE Calendar of Events


ASTRE Launches:

ASTRE operates a model rocket range in Johnstown N.Y.
We do not own this field. It is private property, and ASTRE is allowed to use them only as long as certain rules are followed.
The fields are open to ASTRE members and guests only on the dates listed in this Calendar of Events.

A note to potential new members:
Launches are generally on Saturdays, and we hold Sunday as a raindate.

If both Saturday and Sunday are cancelled due to weather (rain, wind, alien invasion),
  we usually move competitions to the next scheduled launch.

An e-mail via the Yahoo Groups will go out the night before the launch with status information (GO or NO-GO),
  and the website will be updated as well.

Your best bet is to check your email and the website first before you trek out to the field.

ASTRE Meetings and Other Activities:

Club meetings are usually informal bull sessions where club business is discussed first,
  followed by either general "what's new," or a predetermined topic or activity.

This schedule can change, and it is advisable to contact ASTRE Events to find out about any last-minute changes.


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