How to Join ASTRE

We encourage first showing up at some of our meetings,
   or flying rockets with us at one of our launches before joining ASTRE.
     This will give you a chance to see what we're all about.

We try to hold meetings in various locations all over the Capital District and surrounding areas
   so that our members will be able to attend at least a few of our meetings throughout the year.
     We try to have at least one scheduled launch per month (except in winter).

Consider this an invitation to attend our meetings and participate in our launches.
   Membership in the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) is not a requirement for joining ASTRE.

If you are already familiar with NAR sections, or are already an NAR member, please join today! Its easy!
   Just send in your membership dues. You'll receive a one year subscription to our newsletter, STARDUST,
     and you'll enjoy having club access to our launch site.

Membership dues are:

Click here to get a text membership form that you can save and print out later.

As for items with the club logo, we (like most) have set up a shop with shirts and other items.
Click here -or- click on the cafepress logo   to go to our shop.

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