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Effective 08/27/2012, Brian Guzek is the new NAR Northeast Regional Contest Board Chairman.

Any new sanctions or contest results should be sent to Brian at bjguzek at gmail dot com

You can reach him via postal mail at: 2321 South Overlook Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106.

Until Brian gets a web presence set up, I will continue to actively maintain the NAR Northeast Meets page.


I have created this web resource in the hope that it will be valuable to NAR members (in the Northeast and elsewhere). While its slanted towards the administration of contests, there are many resources here which may be of interest to the typical NAR member.

I hope these pages will evolve to further serve the contest rocketry community. To that end, I ask anyone who stops by here to let me know what's good, what's bad (yes, even what's ugly ;). Your feedback will help to shape the contents here (and the lack of it may indicate that this isn't really useful to many people). I'm going to be working with Chris Tavares shortly to create a similar page for the National Contest Board on the NAR web site and your comments will impact on that as well. So drop me a short e-mail note to narnercb at verizon dot net, OK?

Jeff Vincent, former NAR Northeast Regional Contest Board Chairman

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