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Yup, that's the international symbol for the World Wide Web. :) This web stuff can be a lot of fun, but I find that I don't have a whole lot of time (or I don't make myself take the time) to sit down and really translate my whole life into electronic immortality for all to enjoy. I find that most of my time updating this site is spent on the more boring, mundane stuff (NERCB). However, unless you're a rocket junkie, you probably don't get 'round to them thar parts.

So, how about if I make a list of changes, updating it each time I update the web site. That way, you know when there is something new on the site (particularly if it isn't immediately noticable) and I get a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Well, one outta two ain't bad.

Under Construction

Effective 08/27/2012, Brian Guzek is the new NAR Northeast Regional Contest Board Chairman.

Any new sanctions or contest results should be sent to Brian at bjguzek at gmail dot com

You can reach him via postal mail at: 2321 South Overlook Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106.

Until Brian gets a web presence set up, I will continue to actively maintain the NAR Northeast Meets page.

Updated February 14, 2015

September 30, 2014

Verizon, once again acting on advice from its Brilliant Idea Department(Tm), decided that they would no longer maintain user web spaces. When I lost ftp access to my Verizon web space (three years earlier), I moved most of my pages over to astre471.org, but I linked to some static pages on Verizon. That is no longer an option. If you find a link on these astre471.org pages that fails when linking to Verizon, send me an email to let me know and I will work on making that page(s) available.

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Late 2011

Verizon got the brilliant idea that they would no longer allow ftp access to their free web space. The reason given for this was to "increase security." (Oddly, you can pay Verizon a fee for your web space and access it via ftp -- I guess you're paying for less security. :) The only way to have write-access this web space now is via their proprietary site builder software, which, of course, can only be used to create new pages (with very limited design parameters) or to access pages already created by this software -- any other existing HTML pages can no longer be edited or deleted. I told you it was brilliant... :)

So, I have resorted to temporarily placing new NAR NERCB web pages on the ASTRE web space (thank you, ASTRE & webmaster Alex DeMarco.) Look for new pages here, linking to the static Verizon pages as necessary.

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