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Last updated on January 23rd, 2007

This is a list of handy software to help out in rocketry tasks. Left column indicates platform, right column is a program title, Description, URL link or download link, and size. Software will be sorted by PLATFORM, THEN BY SOFTWARE TITLE.

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ASTRE's List of Software Links

Mac OS X
Mac OS 9

Yet Another Transition Template Maker

Size = 480K PowerPoint Templates and Add-In

This is YATTM (Yet Another Transition Template Maker). So why is it any better than all the other TTMs? Well the main reason is that it can do offset transitions--where the tubes at either end of the transition are not concentric. This includes the "Nike-Hercules" and "X-17" type of complex transitions. Another reason is it works in PowerPoint...OK, kinda boring if you don't have PowerPoint, but if you do you can now decorate your transitions with text, textures, colors, etc. You can also put a bunch of transition templates on one page--make up a kit card! And last, but not least, it can peruse your RockSim file and draw all the transitions it finds.

Visit YATTM for more information.

Mac OS X
Windows XP

A-OK! - The Wings of Mercury

Size = 43 Megs for OS X version, 43 Megs for Windows version.

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury is a realistic simulation of the Mercury spacecraft. It features 3D graphics, fully functional control panels, networked simulations, and a complete manual. Not a game, A-OK! WoM is so realistic, you will use the actual checklists used by the astronauts. Orbital and suborbital missions can be simulated. A Mission Control Center simulator is available to registered users.

Visit the A-OK! The Wings of Mercury website for more information.


Rocketeer's Logbook

Size = 34 K

Rocketeer's Logbook allows you to record data like engine type and recovery method quickly, at the field, on your Palm OS handheld! Record a complete history of all your rockets. Save the date, flying site, weather conditions, and other information for immediate recall.

Rocketeer's Logbook allows you to add up to 99 rockets, 25 flying sites, and 25 engine descriptions to choose from when recording logbook entries. You can maintain your lists by renaming or deleting entries as needed; the Logbook will keep them sorted alphabetically. Renames and deletes will NOT affect logbook entries that you have already entered.

Visit Rocketeer's Logbook for more information and to download a trial version

PALM OS The Pocket Rocket

Size = 50 K

Pocket Rocket asks for the weight, diameter, coefficient of drag, and the motor used. It will tell you the maximum altitude, maximum speed in MPH, and the time from burnout to apogee.


    The total program size including cbasPad is around 50KB.

    Visit Pocket Rocket for more information and to download a trial version

  • Pocket PC


    Size = ~450 K, depending on CPU version.

    Supports SH3, MIPS and ARM PocketPC devices.

    Visit FlightLogger for more information and to download a trial version

    Windows OS


    Size = 6.3 MB

    Windows based, 2D, rocket trajectory software for launch vehicles traveling through the standard earth atmospheric model. Includes a database of common high power/model rocket motors and kits, an optimal mass calculator, custom graphing capabilities, and a database management tool for creating and modifying custom motor files, vehicle files, aerodynamic data files and simulation case files. Handles simple model rockets as well as sophisticated sounding rockets. Download your trial evaluation for FREE at

    RocFlight is a most have tool for quickly and accurately performing sophisticated trajectory modeling. Unlike other simulations available on the market, RocFlight does not require users to create a CAD drawing of the rocket prior to running simulations. RocFlight also calculates 2-D trajectories, which is a must have feature for those wishing for a little piece of mind when flying expensive projects under non-ideal, non-vertical conditions. Additionally, RocFlight is being offered at a fraction of the cost of many of these other tools despite the years that have gone into its creation and development.

    Visit for more information and to download a trial version

    Windows OS

    VCP - Visual Center of Pressure

    Size = 620 K

    VCP (Visual Center of Pressure) is a Center of Pressure/Center of Gravity stability calculator for Windows. Its spreadsheet-style operation permits easy quick looks at what-if tradeoffs when designing rockets, and its graphic display ensures data entry accuracy.

    VCP Features

    • Easy Windows data entry and editing of dimensions of any component. CP/CGs are automatically recalculated with any data change.
    • Graphic screen view of entered rocket verifies data entry--what you see is what you've entered.
    • Directly view the effects of varying fin sizes with the Fin Scale tool.
    • Vary the size of the entire rocket with the Vehicle Scale tool.
    • Automatically calculate required nose weight for specified stability margin.
    • Multi-stage CP/CGs are all calculated and displayed simultaneously.
    • Windows help file with context sensitive help.
    • Flexible display and data entry units. Mix units systems; directly enter measurements in fractional inches.
    • File save/load of rocket CP/CG data. Group CP files into libraries.
    • Stability report printout--perfect for range safety check-in.
    • Verified accurate implementation of the Barrowman equations. 'Extended' mode adds new shapes and capabilities beyond the standard Barrowman methods.
    • Included libraries of CP files contain over 80 examples of kits and full-size vehicles from RotW data. Help file includes extensive Barrowman data bibliography.
    • New versions run up to five times faster than earlier 1.5x versions.
    • Print full-size profiles of all components.
    • Print construction tools: Fin Alignment Guide, Fin Position Wrapper, Shroud Template.

    VCP is Copyright 1994-2001 by Gary A. Crowell, Sr. VCP and VCPPro are trademarks of Gary A. Crowell, Sr. It is distributed as Freeware.

    Download the VCP164.ZIP file.  Unzip in a temporary directory, then run SETUP.EXE. Program requires Windows 3.X, 9X, ME or NT.

    Also, see Gary Crowell's site for more info.

    Windows OS

    RockSim - Model Rocket CAD Software

    Size = ~11.0 MB

    Test your model rocket designs before you go out to fly them. With our comprehensive interactive software, you construct a model rocket on-screen by pointing and clicking at the parts you wish to use (it's much simpler than any CAD software). After your rocket design is complete, it is run through a flight simulation which will describe how fast it will travel, how high it will go, when and where during the flight the parachute is deployed, and most importantly, it determines if the model will be stable and therefore safe to fly.

    RockSim is the most popular rocket design and simulation software around -- because it works! Over 2,938 high power fliers, universities, government agencies, and defense contractors. They trust it, and so should you.

    Visit Apogee Components RockSim Site for more information.

    Windows OS

    SpaceCAD - Model Rocket CAD Software

    Size = 6 Megs

    Download a Demo version at

    SpaceCAD allows you to design and build your multi-staged rockets very quickly and easily - the perfect rocket tool for both expert and novice rocketeers.

    SpaceCAD is the official software that is used in the world's largest rocket contest, the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC), and it is the software the winning teams used. So be a winner too - and use SpaceCAD now to build safe and stable rockets!

    Features include:

    • All-in-one model rocket design software to quickly design your rocket and ensure a great flight
      • Stability analysis (Center of Gravity and Center of Pressure)
      • Flight prediction (Height, Velocity,...) now with "negative delay" between stages (Stage 2 ignites while Stage 1 is still burning)
    • Rocket rendering in 2D and 3D view with zoom so you can see how your rocket will look like
    • Complete printout suite to help you actually build your rockets:
      • Nose cone pattern
      • Transition guide (for cut-out transitions)
      • Centering-guide
      • Fin-position/-alignment and cutout-guide (to align your fins on the bodytube and for cut-out fins)
      • Parachute pattern guide (to build your own parachute)
      • Comprehensive rocket data sheet
      • Rocket's elements list
    • Quickstart manual (20 pages) to help you get started immediately
    • Complete Internet support: Export to HTML, online update
    • Rocket elements: Standard + Inner tubes, centering rings, motor mounts, bulkheads
    • Ease-of-use: Windows-compliant user interface
    • Extensible databases: Parts (Nose cones, body tubes, ), Materials, and Rocket Motors
    • Free Fin forms (through-the-wall)
    • Very easy to use!

    Visit SpaceCAD for more information.

    Windows OS

    WinROC - Model Rocket Flight Sim Software

    Size = 2.7 Megs

    Winroc is a suite of rocketry programs for use with Microsoft Windows 95 or newer. Available for over 6 years now, the package has grown from a single floppy disk to a CDROM with over 50 megabytes of rocketry articles, photos, and in-flight videos. Hundreds of rocketeers on 5 continents use Winroc for everything from 1/4A flights to huge Level 3 projects. A product review in the Jan/Feb 2000 issue of Sport Rocketry called it "useful software" and a "real bargain".

    Unlike rocketry CAD programs, which are intended for "design-time" use, Winroc is a field or "run-time" package, to be used to figure the performance of rockets that are already built. If you quickly need to know the consequences of changing a motor or adding weight, Winroc will do the job for you.

    Editor's Note: WinRoc is now in the public domain, as the author wished after his passing.

    Visit WinROC for more information.

    Windows OS

    wRASP - Model Rocket Flight Sim Software

    Size = 1.4 Megs

    wRASP is a Windows program that simulates the flight of a rocket in one dimension (one degree-of-freedom). It can be used to get an idea of how high a rocket kit might fly with a particular motor and what the best ejection delay time might be. wRASP is an adaption of the venerable RASP program for DOS that was based on the BASIC program by Harry Stine in 1979 from "Handbook of Model Rocketry". It was converted to C by Mark Storin in 1989. New features were added by Kent Hoult in 1990 and Mark Johnson in 1990-94.

    Visit for more information.

    Mac OS

    CompuRoc - Model Rocket Flight Sim Software

    Size = Approx 400K sea.hqx

    Simply put, CompuRoc is a Macintosh application that does flight simulation for rocketry in model rocket through high power applications. In this respect, it is very similar to the several excellent simulation packages available for Windows and DOS platforms. Although Mac users can run these programs using emulation environments like VirtualPC, CompuRoc is unique in the rocketry community in providing a utility that runs native in the MacOS.

    Visit CompuROC for more information.

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